About Miles from Molly

The Molly Thompson Memorial Fund is a local fundraising organization established In memory of Molly Michelle Thompson, a four-year-old girl from Tigard Oregon who battled a terminal liver cancer for two years. During her four years of life, Through her spontaneity, acceptance and love for life, Molly taught those around her to laugh through sorrow, play through fear and live through pain. Molly gracefully died on October 4, 1998. It is in the spirit of her life and death that her family & friends have continued Miles from Molly so that other children, like her, will be able to laugh and play through their tough times.

On October 4th, 1998, Molly led what would be our final talk together before she closed her eyes for the last time. As we cradled her in our arms, Molly whispered words that would become the driving force behind her legacy…

“Mommy, Daddy, please take care of my hospital friends"

You could ask a hundred families what it’s like to be hospitalized with your child and you would get a hundred answers.  But if you ask the kids, they will tell you it’s not that bad.  “There’s movie night in a real theatre with real popcorn”, “prizes at bingo”, “we get to play outside in the garden” “we make tons of art”, “we sing and dance” “we have friends here” "and we party"!

It’s that same spirit that guided Molly every day.  Her hospital friends were her favorite part of cancer. Kids that understood medical terminology, and that IV poles not only held medicine, but were a means for transportation.  Kids that were just like her. Bald. Brave.  Beautiful.

In continuing Molly’s legacy of love and laughter, we raise critical funds for The Child Life program at Randall Children's Hospital.