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The Molly Thompson Memorial Fund gives back to the very children Molly lived with during her hospitalizations at Emanuel Children's Hospital. This is her story.

Molly Michelle Thompson

Grand Daughter
Community Hero

A personal tribute to Molly Michelle Thompson
and her much loved family: Bree, Mike and Wendy.

It is my hope that I could lay before you... memories of their life, their journey with cancer and facing death.... and we can weave them together like the quilt draped over the rocking chair in the Thompson's home. The quilt which wrapped around their very shoulders, as they rocked Molly in the days before her death and in the moments after her last breath.

For their story is not simply a story of a little girl;
It's a story of a family... a story of community and a story of people sitting together, celebrating, honoring, weeping and coming together making a difference in the life of Molly.

Read the whole story here...

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