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What does Molly's fund do?

Molly's funding supports The Child Life Therapy Program at Emanuel Children's Hospital. The Child Life Therapy Program helps children cope with hospitalization and pain through play. Child Life Therapists are trained in the area of play and emotional support for children. They work closely with children and families, using a variety of techniques and services --- such as music, animals and horticulture --- to help minimize the stress of a hospital experience. Molly's money ensures they have the funds they need when their budget falls short.

The Molly Thompson Memorial Fund guarantees that Emanual Children's Hospital can host its annual Pediatric Holiday Party for all the patients who have become hospitalized that year.

It stocks the playroom with toys, books, videos and craft supplies so that children can get away from their hospital rooms and enjoy "kid stuff". It ensures that every child who is admitted into ECH receives a special toy that accompanies them throughout their stay.

View the Children's Garden and the impact Molly has made.

Molly's fund grants wishes that slip through the cracks, simple things like a special wheel chair accessible dresser, a computer for homework, tickets to a concert or a build-a-bear party.

It brought the Sensory Cart to the pediatric floor of Emanuel Children's Hospital. A special mobile unit that is designed to help children with sensory integrative problems to improve body awareness, movement, balance, relaxation, recovery and can stimulate physical, mental and social skills. This multi-sensory cart can be wheeled bed side and aids children in rehab, ICU, NICU, oncology, surgery recovery and isolation. This innovative tool helps children heal, it distracts them from their fear and pain and it has changed the way ECH serves its children.

Molly helped build the caring cabin for The Children's Cancer Association by donating over $90,000. The children's bedroom loft proudly bares her name.

How does Molly's fund grow?
With support from you! Just $25 will provide a child with a special toy that they receive when they are admitted into the hospital. A soft stuffed animal for an infant, a doll or truck for a toddler, a craft project or a game for our older patients, allow comfort and distraction during a very scary time. $50 will provide party favors and gifts to a child celebrating a medical milestone. $100 will simply grant a wish to a child. It doesn't take much to make a huge impact on a child.


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