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October 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

There once was a little girl from Tigard named Molly. She was 2½ years old when she learned the word cancer. She described it as a big ball in her tummy and often picked up her shirt to yell at her tummy "we're gonna beat you out of there cancer!" And beat, bang, knock and pound away at her cancer is exactly what she did for 20 long months. Molly's big ball took our family through an unimaginable journey filled with surgery, chemotherapy, leaps forward and setbacks. Every day was tackled with courage and hope was never absent. When you're a toddler and fighting cancer, there are justifications to celebrate – excuses to dine at Chuck E Cheese, reasons to skip brushing your teeth, make late night runs to Toys R Us, have spontaneous snowball fights at midnight, make magic with Make a Wish and turn a hospital full of people, into family. Molly died when she was 4½, but not before she gave us the order to please take care of her hospital friends.

To say she shaped our world is an understatement. We are not the same family before cancer touched our lives. When Molly died, so did we. Her spirit, her legacy, her presence today is what breathes life into us. She asked us to take care of her hospital friends and then gave us the courage and wisdom to do so. Her fund, The Molly Thompson Memorial Fund is how we take care of her hospital friends.

There is newness at the children's hospital. A new name – The Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel. New walls - painted in animal themes and little lights that peek out at you from between the walls. There is a playroom - on every floor. The rooms are new - and there are more, the equipment is state of the art and the artwork is specially chosen for children. But here's what isn't new... The diagnoses are the same, the medicines have not changed much, the families who make the unimaginable journey are still here. And the most important piece, the reason we write to you now, are the children, they are still here. Children battling cancer, facing surgery, healing from burns, fighting infections, recovering from trauma and learning to live with illness and life changing conditions. They are still fighting to be kids, even when hospitalized. Their laughter is still heard, the games are still played, the songs are still sung, and Child Life is still here to carry them through their hospitalized journey. This, is all still here, enveloped in the beautiful new walls of Randall Children's Hospital.

We are humbled to support even more of Molly's friends than ever before. The need for play is more, activities are grander, and parties are bigger. The need for funding is greater and we need your help more than ever. You are part of the family Molly gathered in her short and impactful life. It is because of you that her legacy continues to reign in the walls of the new children's hospital.

Please join us again, as we reach to meet the needs of even more of Molly's friends.
Molly's FamilyThis is what she wanted.

Your tax-deductible donation will give these kids the ability to play, laugh and simply be kids. Click here to donate online.

Always blessings, Never losses,

Mike, Wendy & Bree Thompson
Molly’s Family

What does Molly's fund do?

Ensures The Child Life Therapy Program at Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel has the resources they need to help each and every child cope with hospitalization and pain. Child Life Therapists are trained in the area of play and emotional support for children. They work closely with children and families, using a variety of techniques and services that help minimize the stress of a hospital experience. Molly's money ensures they have the funds they need when their budget falls short.

Pediatric Holiday Party

Every December, the children who spent time hospitalized come together with their families and PARTY! Breakfast with Santa, a real DJ and music, Mrs. Clause, local community heroes, dancers, staff and volunteers lead the children through the transformed Magic Wonderland at RCH at Legacy Emanuel. But the real magic happens as new friendships form. Parents, who find their lives "different" from the rest, meet others like them. Children, who don't have the privilege of "normalcy" all of a sudden, are the majority. Lasting alliances are formed and they become stronger- together. Our Annual Holiday Party has become so much more than sitting on Santa's lap for a toy. We are proud and thankful to our supporters for allowing the magic to grow and continue. This event is solely funded by Molly.

Pediatric Playrooms

Pediatric PlayroomEvery floor of RCH has a place to be a kid! A medical play area where children can learn about their own procedures and treatments through medical play, interactive TV systems to keep them connected to others children sharing similar experiences, movie rooms, art rooms, toys, puzzles, games, and a special doll house, delivered personally by Molly weeks before she died. Playrooms designed to stimulate imagination and offer calmness – places where kids can be… kids.


WishesEvery once in a while, a child needs a little extra support. Many wishing organizations grant one wish, others will grant a second, but sometimes a child's needs go beyond. Molly's fund allows The Childlife Specialists to reach out and offer support to a child who simply needs something else. Our wishes are simple; a puppy, a computer, concert tickets, end of chemo party, a game boy or a spa day with grandma.


Family Support

Family Support for hospitalized childrenSometimes families find themselves needing a little extra help. Perhaps it's a gas card or bus ticket to ensure they can travel to the hospital and home. Maybe it's money for the cafeteria or coffee shop, possibly a book to read or puzzle to stay busy while their child is sleeping, groceries and a warm blanket for when they return home. These things may seem small, but to a parent who finds themselves bedside in the hospital with their child, it's huge. Child Life doesn't have a budget for this, but we do!


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